Indo hair has been selling 100% Natural Virgin Indian Human Hair for almost 13 years now and I’m pretty sure many have entertained the thought of starting a Hair Selling business themselves. So what is the whole deal? Do you need a lot of money to start? Do you need a website a card and so on? Well here are the most frequently asked questions answered

FAQ-Wholesale hair Indo Hair for 100% Natural Virgin Indian Human Hair

1.What should I do before start hair business?

First of all, you need to have your own business name and logo, and a Facebook page. Most of these you can do online for free. (Well you need to think of a name by yourself)

2.How much money do I need to start??

If you want to have hair on hand and delivery it fast, you can buy around 20 bundles from Indo Hair with wholesale price. Start with different hair types, hair lengths and hair textures so it gives a more wide range for your clients to choose from !

3.How to find a good hair supplier?

Never sell a client something that you cannot recommend. Just give us a call on 310.677.6498 and make an appointment and see for yourself. We guarantee you will not be disappointed

4.How can I get customers?

Promoting is the key to get customer.You also can help your website to get traffic via Facebook, instagram, twitter, pinterest etc.

6.Should I change the package ?

At the beginning,we don’t suggest you design your own package as this may be an added cost for you initially.

We at Indo Hair also do wholesale hair of  100% Natural Virgin Indian Human Hair bundles & closures at wholesale price. All this with worldwide shipping! Then what are you waiting for! Click here to see our amazing collection now!

You can get in touch with us as soon as possible so we can start shipping your dream hair to you!

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