Well, you know that the internet is a rumor factory and anyone with a computer (or a phone these days) can just share anything. As nice as it is to let a random cat pic (or a dog pic like this)

Cute animals Indo Hair

to make your day a little bit bright, these posts online may also be very VERY misleading. Even Virgin Indian Hair is not immune to these misconceptions. So we thought that it’d be a good idea to clear some of these out once and for all!

#1 Human hair extensions are rough, dry, and smell bad

This human hair extension misconception isn’t as farfetched as some of the other ones floating around the internet. After all, hair can be rough, dry, and smelly. However, it’s all about the quality of the hair extensions and hair company. No reputable company is going to sell rough and dry hair.

Instead, they’re going to find the finest, most luscious strands of virgin Indian hair and prewash them before turning them into human hair extensions.  And of course, that’s what you get from Indo Hair!

Top Misconceptions about Virgin Indian Hair. Indo HAir for 100 % natural virgin indian human hair

#2 Human hair extensions are infested with lice

Some believe that human hair extensions are infested with lice. While we can’t speak for other companies, we at Indo Hair can say that we double triple check our virgin human hair to ensure lice remains a misconception.

#3 Virgin Indian hair extensions only come in black

Another common hair extension misconception is Virgin Indian hair extensions are only available in black. As you know, human hair can be turned into every hue under the sun. If you want pink hair, it can be done; blue hair – not a problem; blonde, brown, red – you name it. Saying human hair extensions only come in black is like saying your hair will never and can never be changed to a different color. It’s simply not true.

#4 Human hair extensions can’t be colored easily

Just as we just said, hair can be changed to every color imaginable. Whilesynthetic hair extensions may be a little more difficult to dye, the same can’t be said about human hair extensions because they have the same properties as your own hair.  Even the average person can dye Virgin Indian hair to a few shades lighter. To go more than a few shades might require bleaching and more technical expertise, but with the proper training, coloring hair extensions is a piece of cake!

#5 Virgin Indian hair extensions are as good as other types of hair

Virgin Indian hair extensions are the best of the best.  Although there may be authentic European hair extensions available for purchase, the pricing will empty your life savings. Most overseas companies market exotic textures like Brazilian hair and Malaysian hair, but the fact is those hair types are simply chemically processed textures from China, which simply won’t last. You simply don’t women in Brazilian donating hair! It’s a clever marketing ploy that has dominated the market for several years but this is changing for the better again. Virgin Indian hair is affordable, provides a variety of textures, and is perfect for a wider audience!

So, if you’re ready to dress up your tresses with added length and lusciousness, it’s time to shop at Indo Hair. Then what are you waiting for! Click here to see our amazing collection now! We also give great prices for wholesale customers as well.

You can get in touch with us as soon as possible so we can start shipping your dream hair to you!

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