Don’t. I repeat DON’T Cheat Yourself with a Low Quality Wig

DON’T cheat yourself by settling for a cheap wig that won’t suit your needs or last very long. Human-hair wigs, especially those made with  100% Natural Virgin Indian human hair, are the best for replicating the look, movement, and feel of “real” hair…because they are real! Like human-hair extensions, human hair wigs can be pinned up, flipped, curled, and even dyed, all without the shedding and artificial look of synthetic wigs.


DON’T rotate wigs too often, and especially don’t mix up colors on a daily basis (unless you have the daring to pull it off). Even simply alternating brown and black hair can be a huge tip-off that your perfect locks aren’t actually yours. Instead, let your wigs “grow” on you before switching off to another one.

DO take care of your wig by storing it on a wig head at night, no matter what kind of hair it’s made of. This helps the cap keep its shape and the hairs stay in line. No more messy and out of line hair !

DO dab a bit of shine product into your human-hair wigs, and DON’T forget to wash and condition them. Use high-quality sulfate-free hair care product. You must take care of your wigs as if they were your hair, in order for them to look fabulous!

DO curl and otherwise style your wig when it’s on your head. Shaping the wig to your own head’s contours helps you know exactly how and where each curl will fall. This eliminates the need to re-do anything, making styling easy and convenient.

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