In our previous article we got to know about all types of exciting hair options you can get from us. But wait that’s not all !

It’s all good to steal the spotlight with your shiny new glamourous hair but maintaining them is as equally important if you want those extensions to last !

Let’s not kid ourselves, it’s easy to get synthetic hair extensions that can’t be heat styled and are more prone to tangle unlike the 100% virgin natural Indian hair that you will only find at Indo-Hair. Also synthetic bonds are sensitive to humidity, will deteriorate and will eventually fall out with washing and using hair tools. This can create hair loss as well.

The high quality luscious hair you get from us should be cared for just like normal hair (well because it is ! ) and the more care you give it the longer and better it will last.

Tip 01 – Invest in some products specialized for extensions

A nice paddle brush with boar bristles, a looper brush and a wide tooth comb is crucial for any hair extension maintenance. Finding the best matching product that you can trust is going to be a learning experience. We don’t want that gorgeous partial to lose it’s sheen now do we ?

Expect a full tutorial on when and where to use which brush soon !

Tip 02 – Make sure your extensions are cared for with regular salon visits

Always make sure that you and your stylist have follow-up appointments. I suggest you adhere to this strictly if this is your first time experience with extensions. These visits can give you a review of how you should care for the extensions at home. Also make sure that the salon you go is familiar with hair extensions. Don’t let those double wefts go a waste !

Tip 03 – Don’t overdo it

Try to minimize excessive and complicated styling. Prolonged exposure to hot tools can damage your extensions and how they are attached to your hair. Make sure that the curling iron you use don’t come too close to the base of the extensions and it’s a big no no to aggressive combing

Tip 04 – The devil is in the details

Small habits like pulling your hair into a soft ponytail before bed helps to avoid a lot of tangles and matting of the extensions.

Also make sure you have a organized and safe place to carefully keep your wigs (I personally recommend a wig stand) so that you can always find all your necessities even if you’re in a bit of a rush!

Tip 05 – Brush Brush Brush !

Make sure you brush your hair every morning and every night and make it a ritual that’s as important as brushing your teeth! And as always make sure that you are gentle with your extensions


Keep up to these and you’re sure to get the best out of our 100% authentic natural Indian hair products!

This is only the opinion of the writer and not a product review

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