Begining your own startup can be a daunting thought most of the time. Whether it is a small scale whole sale hair business or a salon of your own the most critical factor in any startup is Capital  a.k.a. MONEY

But merely having cash in your bank account doesn’t solve the problem. In fact, it solves only 40%o it. You can still borrow money from a friend or a business that funds start-ups. There are so many other factors you need to consider which amounts up to the rest of the 60%.

 …merely having cash in your bank account doesn’t solve the problem. In fact, it solves only 40%o it…..

So to make life easier here are the top 5 factors you need to consider in beginning a startup.

1. Capital

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The first major factor anyone should consider when starting up their own business is MONEY. And I can never put more emphasis on proper budgeting. Unless each and every expense and income of your business is properly documented you won’t be able to see where your money went. And before long it will be Hocus Pocus You are Brokus! So be mindful to pay the loans on time to avoid paying extra interest over nothing.

2. Product

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A well-funded business will be useless if it doesn’t deliver durable products of good quality. Therefore it’s of utmost importance to know your suppliers. IndoHair provides a wide range of luxurious hair extensions made from Virgin Indian hair. Offering the choice for customers to buy retail or for those who feel a little more ambitious and want to start their own hair empire, wholesale prices as well !! And this is not just raw hair!!  From closures to wigs to partials and wefted hair we’ve got you covered!  Visit our website to view the wide array of collections.

3. Location of the Store

The location of the store is very important in a startup. Basically what matters the most is the availability for the customers. So make sure you pick a location that is easily accessible or merge with a delivery service that makes your products accessible to your customers without any inconvenience.

4. Customer Base

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Your customer base is your biggest asset. Make sure to identify your audience and cater to their needs. It’s better if you could do a survey around the neighborhood to figure out the most promising customer base. Later you can fine-tune your services to more focused groups.


No matter how great our products are it’s going to be futile without proper publicity. So make sure you maintain regular accounts in Social media and an official page for your startup. Great marketing can give your products a brand that your customers would both trust and feel satisfied after consuming. What I like to think of as the best marketing is to rock your next neighborhood function or gala event with an IndoHair product and be the envy of every woman there. Soon everyone will want a piece of the IndoHair action and you will be able to deliver it directly to them!


If content is King. Then marketing is Queen

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