In our previous article we went through the steps you can take to make sure the extensions you get from IndoHair last longer.

Today I thought we go a little bit in depth about the type of tools you need to keep your extensions healthy.

Brush Brush Brush !

Remember the golden rule of extensions? Always make sure you brush your hair and keep them as glamorous and luscious as it was when you purchased them from our stores. Well rather than going with any conventional brush your extensions need a little bit specific tools to be in pristine shape

  1.  Wide Tooth Comb

wide-tooth-comb used for combing 100% genuine human hair extensions

This comb is mainly used to remove large tangles from extensions. Ideal to use after a shower where you’ve washed and conditioned your hair. Also very good to brush in the morning after removing the loose ponytail or braid you wore while sleeping.

This won’t do miracles in removing all the small tangles but it will make it much easier to brush later on with a fine comb

When: Wet or dry hair

How: Run the comb down while holding the extension down from the node of attachment. Start from closer to the ends down, then from the middle and last just below the point of attachment

  1.  Looper Brush

looper brush used to comb 100% genuine human indian hair extensions

Don’t butcher your wigs or closures with the wrong brush! The looper brush allows the hair to glide through the brush with ease. This brush detangles and smooths without catching, pulling or damaging the hair strands, knots or bonds. Here the “looped” bristle simply slides over the attachment, leaving it unharmed while getting the benefit of brushing at the root, while wearing hair extensions.

When: Wet or dry hair

How:  Make sure that you have first used a wide toothed comb on your extensions first. Then move the brush through any wig, weave, or hair extensions to undo knots and smooth strands. This will also remove the naturally shed hairs which might end up tickling your scalp or causing it to itch


  1.  Fine Tooth Comb

fine tooth comb used to comb 100% genuine human indian hair extensions

This is a great tool when you are wearing that luscious extension of wefted hair  but should be used sparingly. If you are not careful with it you might end up removing your extensions before you want to !

This tool is excellent to remove shed hair and is perfect to tackle the small tangles that may have been missed by the wide toothed comb.

When: Dry hair ONLY !

How:  Make sure that you hold your 100% virgin indian hair extensions at the base of attachment while you carefully remove the small tangles.


  1.  Bristle Brush

bristle brush boar and synthetic that is used to comb 100% genuine human indian hair extensions

The bristle brush is the best way to finish combing your extensions. This will be the brush that will give the smooth shiny look to the glamorous partial. More often made of boar bristles, this brush will remove even the smallest of tangles. It’s the rule of thumb to usually go with a soft bristle brush for thin hair and a more coarse bristle for dense hair.

When: Dry hair (avoid boar bristle brushing wet hair, because this can cause breakage)

How:  First detangle your hair (we already covered this in the brushes  above) and start brushing in sections  so that you brush everywhere equally. Also make sure that you start just beneath the place of attachment to the extension and it’s always safer to hold your extension down while you brush.

As always remember to consult your local salon and have a routine to take care of your beautiful 100% authentic natural Indian hair extensions.

This is only the opinion of the writer and not a product review

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