And so it starts! You buy a new IndoHair extension, you go out to that party and BOOM you were instantly the center of a lot of attention ! Well after the night ends we need to remember one very crucial thing. It’s that even though the extensions and all the products you get from IndoHair is 100% virgin natural genuine natural Indian hair, it does not get the same amount of natural oil in it. So you need to take some extra time to care for your extensions and make sure that you use hair care especially made for extensions.


Some Do’s and Dont’s for your extensions

  • Make sure that you stay away from products that have high silicone or sulphate content. These chemicals have the ability to affect the bonds that keep your extensions safely attached
Extension Killer. Must avoid chemicals when dealing with genuine hair extensions
Hair Extension Killers !!
  • Use high quality hair products but remember that too much of a good thing might end up a bad thing. Excess hair products can cause a build up and will cause tangling over time
  • Make sure that you comb your hair and the extensions using the proper brush daily. (More details on selecting combs here)
  • Make sure you use a hair mask at least once a week. Hair masks are a great way to revive your IndoHair extensions and give them a conditioning boost. Note: You should avoid using oil or conditioner near the roots where the extensions are bonded     (Expect a full hair mask tutorial from us soon ! )
  • If you frequently use hot tools on your extensions it might be a good idea to invest in a heat protection spray. Because the more heat you use on your extensions the shorter the lifespan of the hair extension
  • Natural oils like coconut oil is very effective in keeping the extensions healthy and shiny. Just remember when applying serums and oils to make sure that you avoid contact with the point of attachment of the extension. Just keep it mind length to the ends only

Hair masks can be very helpful to keep your hair and the extensions healthy and rejuvenated

  • Remember to remove the excess sweat and chlorine after working out and swimming with extensions.


As always remember to consult your local salon and have a routine to take care of your beautiful 100% authentic natural Indian hair extensions.

This is only the opinion of the writer and not a product review

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