If there is something us girls can always relate to is that sometimes celebrities create absurd beauty standards that almost none of us can achieve without a team of dedicated stylists and fashion consultants.

I mean who can pull off a Blake Lively look while doing 40+ hours a week while still paying student debts and mortgage ?

If changing the length, style and color of your hair sounds like something that you are up to then this should be perfect for you!

What are hair extensions ?

  • A hair accessory that can provide not only length but also volume for any type of hair be it fine or thinning hair
  • Can be used to add beautiful highlights and lowlights from mild to wild  
  • These extensions can be glued, braided or clipped in depending on your necessity

What to look for ?

According to most hair specialists and stylists selecting the perfect extension for you can be crucial. These questions need to be answered first

  • What is the extension made of  ( human hair is much more versatile than synthetic hair)
  • How will the extensions be applied and removed ?
  • Can I choose the weights (believe me a few grams do make a difference)

Human hair is considered much more superior than the synthetic as it can be heat styled  and be used pretty much as normal hair (washed, conditioned, dried, colored)

Synthetic hair has its limitations (you can ditch the blow dryer and curling iron for this one girls ! )

Extensions can be applied in mainly in a few different ways

Thermo Plastique, glue on technique and  for a quick low commitment style :the clip on technique. Each technique has its merits and I would suggest you have a chat with your hairstylist on what best suits you.

The weight does not seem like a huge factor at first but remember this will be an extra weight that you will be carrying for an extended period. You don’t want to feel like the world is on fire while you are slaying it at that coworkers party with that gorgeous hair.

One other important thing to note is that not all lengths will work for everyone so getting a customized length is very important.

What are the type of extensions I should consider?

      • If you want a quick and subtle change in your hairdo to blend perfectly with your existing hair this is the ideal solution. The main concern should be to find the perfectly matching texture and color so as to get a seamless integration to your existing hair   
      • Want to protect that sensitive part of the scalp? Or maybe add a little more volume to your existing hair? From silk top to lace front there is an array of styles to suit your requirements
      • Want a new style for that friday night out with the girls ? Or maybe a new date? Well look no further. With easy clip on you can choose from that curly hair you always wanted to a more playful kinky curl. Want more volume? Thats where the double wefts come to the rescue
      • Let out the inner diva in you. Go for that dramatic new look and watch around you as people look at you in awe as you pull off a gorgeous new look without having to sit for hours at end to achieve.
    • This option gives you complete control over style. Play with the 100% virgin hair to get that perfect unique look that only you can pull off !


One important feature to note is that all of our products can be customized to suit the perfect length texture and style that you had in mind.

As all our products are made of 100% natural virgin hair you don’t need to worry about your investment failing you.

This is only the opinion of the writer and not a product review

Feel free to contact us on any inquiries or if you are in the vicinity of LA feel free to make an appointment to meet us so you can experience firsthand the quality of our products.


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