Rainbow anything sounds good. It’s just happiness packed into a word. So what’s better than rainbow bangs? Think of it as happiness just above your eyes all day, everyday – of course until you just get plain bored of it. –

If you’re like majority of us, then you probably love trying new things out, but not too much of it if you get what I mean. What better way than to try the rainbow hair trend, but not too much of it? Rainbow bangs is your answer. You see, if you haven’t already got bangs then now is the time to try it. You can also pair it up with rainbow hair, which is almost like killing two birds with one stone right? New makeover and trendy hair, check!

We first saw a glimpse of this trend when Scream Queens star Keke Palmer posted a picture of her new bangs on Instagram. What’s not to love about this look on her?keke-palmer-rainbow-fringe

There are lots of ways to pull off this trend. You can either go for a full rainbow head with matching bangs, or even just stick to rainbow colored bangs and your natural colored hair, whatever it is go for it, that is if you’re cool enough.

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