While long hair can be beautiful, elegant and simple, it does have its disadvantages. Keeping a curl for a long period of time (and without the assistance of hair spray) can be difficult and a nuisance. Keeping a curl under the strain of unpinned hair is a trick many are unable to master. Here is the best way to keep a curl, whether it be natural or extensions.

Skip conditioner. Or at least go very, very, very light on it. There is no need to overdo, and most women WILL over

Prep with mousse. Never too much mousse. Take one baseball-size mound (or two, if your hair is long) and saturate damp or dry hair from roots to ends. Mousse has alcohol in it, just as hair spray does. Alcohol helps remove as much moisture as possible, which enhances the hair’s grit and hold.


Prep some more. Once your hair is 100 percent dry, take one- to two-inch sections and mist them with hair-spray, working from the bottom layers to the top, before wrapping them around the iron.

Curl smart. Those with thin hair should set the iron to 300 degrees. Those with thicker, coarse hair can dial up to 350. Regardless of the size of the iron, apply tension when wrapping the hair, pulling the iron away from your face so it feels tight, to evenly distribute the heat.

For more on obtaining the perfect curl, speak with a Indo Hair stylist today.