It’s that time of year again, where we go back to school and hit the books, in style of course! From ponytails, to buns and braids, the following styles are great for the typical morning rush. They’re super easy, and extremely stylish. Here are some trending hairstyles to try now that school is in session!

Messy Fishtail Braid


Create a fishtail braid, while pulling it over to one side. Tugging the sides of the braid not only makes it wider, but also gives a more messy look. Leave a few strands hanging in the front, to leave a tousled touch. Layered hair? Braid it as far as you can go and let the layers stick out; this definitely creates an edgier style.

Bedhead Hair


We all have wanted that stylish bedhead look at some point, and now you can try it with these easy steps! The night before, wash your hair and make two french braids, while wet/damp. The next morning, unravel your braids and tousle it around to set the waves apart. Need more texture? Spritz some sea salt spray all around and scrunch it just a bit.

Half Up


This is the most simple hair do that goes with absolutely anything! Begin with combing the top half of your hair with your fingers. Hold it in place with a few bobby pins and there you have it, an easy, stylish look! Leave some strands out in the front to add a more relaxed, casual touch.

For more trending back-to-school hairstyles, stop by Indo Hair and speak with a stylist.