Buying extensions can be a dramatic experience for both new extension wearers and advance weave buyers. There are many different things to consider when not only buying extensions, but rocking extensions as well! The first and most critical part of the equation, however, is making the purchase. Here are some tips to follow you every time you purchase an extension!

  • Color match in person. Never shop by a picture alone. There are 100 different kinds of blondes, so the consultations are very important. Even if you purchase online, make sure you know the exact company and/or brand you’re comfortable with.

  • Blend a few colors. When I’m putting in blonde extensions, I need three or four different tones. For darker shades, use two or three. It looks more natural, even if the difference between the colors are barely noticeable at first glance.

  • Go ombré. Not full-on ombré, just a subtle gradation from top to bottom to mimic the way your hair color looks as it grows. As your hair grows out, the ends will look lighter than the roots. Placed on the underlayers of your hair, ombré extensions will mimic that effect in the most natural way possible.

  • Consider texture. Extensions come in nearly every texture and thickness, so take that into consideration when making your purchase. Remember to get extensions that are straighter than your natural hair texture to make styling them easier.

Speak with a Indo Hair stylist about more tricks on buying extensions.