When it comes washing, shampooing and conditioning hair, we all see it as a chore that is all time-consuming. It can take hours for some of us, and most of us have to fit in the time to do it once we workout, hit the beach or can smell some of last night’s event on it (aka smoke….and you may not even be the one who was smoking).

Once completed, the next step is usually to blow-dry, which can be harmful and include a lot of heat damage once you factor in the flat-ironing and curling. To make the process a little easier, here are some ways to air dry your hair without having to blow dry, thus removing one step that may make your process a little less stressful.

For Low Key Blends
For little to no volume, add mousse on your hair. Then purposefully flatten out your roots by braiding your hair into two loose braids. After an hour, shake them out for an easy, unfussy look.


Gentle Curls
To get it, all you have to do is tuck your hair behind your ears as it dries, and clip a metal hairpin above each ear to exaggerate the bend. Use a small amount of holding gel to cut out frizz and leftover hairs. This quick trick is used all the time backstage at fashion shows.


Textured Waves
Want the beachy look for almost any length? Try setting damp hair in four braids. For the look, mist damp hair with salt spray, divide it into four sections, and then loosely braid each one as it dries. You are out the door before you know it.


For more no blow dry styles, stop by Indo Hair and speak with a stylist.