Staying young forever is starting to become a reality with the latest skin creams and treatments on the market, but no one has really found anything close to the fountain of youth. Some say it’s in the food you eat, while other swear it’s in the quality of life you live. I like to think the secret to staying young is getting a new and updated hairstyle. Here are three styles guaranteed to make you look younger by 10 years!

The Up Bun and Braid Style – This braided and middle-parted updo is a great argument for revisiting your Little Rascals days. Just remember: When twisted up into a bun, braids can look chic; worn down braids really only belong on the playground.

The Loose Curls Style – To get Beyoncé’s loose, carefree (and young-looking) waves, rake a tangerine-size dollop of light-hold mousse from roots to ends. Let hair air-dry, then wrap sections of various sizes—so it doesn’t look too done—around a medium-barrel curling iron for five seconds each. Finish by running your fingers through it to break up any stubbornly perfect curls.

The Beachy Bob – With this bob, you can just wake up and go due to its easy low-maintenance. Have your stylist add blonde lowlights and show off your darker roots. Beachy texture and a messy part says cool girl, possibly even cool surfer girl. For more on younger looking style speak with a Indo Hair stylist today.