Ladies, let’s discuss some misconceptions about God’s gift to women’s hair: flat irons. While flat irons are amazing and possess the powers to turn our dull, frizzy hair into a goddess worthy lock, there are some drawbacks to these lovely items from the heavens. The excessive use of flat irons have been known to cause damage to not only the ends of hair, but even the roots. Some have even experienced burns on their scalp from using flat irons. So here are few need-to-know basics about the use and need of flat irons.

Helpful Flat Iron Tidbits

  1. You don’t need 450 degrees, 410 works for every hair type. There is never a need to crank the heat to the max temperature. The perfect temp should be between the 350 and 400 depending on your hair.
  2. Never forget protection! Not enough people use thermal protectors. Look for a no-hold formula that can keep your hair from not just the heat, but even mother nature. Just like you wouldn’t go to the beach without sun block – do NOT fry your hair by forgetting to use a protective formula.IMG_3288
  3. Get your hair as straight as possible before ironing by using a brush. Then slide the iron slowly and steadily in a single pass. Don’t stop and go, or you’ll get horizontal lines. This ensures your hair is even looking and ready for curling.
  4. Do NOT iron your hair on damp hair. If you hear a sizzling sound or see steam, well… it ain’t good. Be very careful of this because more than likely you’ll burn those strains of yours.


For more on the do’s and dont’s speak with a Indo Hair stylist today.