While there are several different hair mask treatments on the market, the new trend on the street is clay. Now putting clay in your hair may resurface some kindergarten nightmares… but before you completely trash the idea, consider the benefits of trying a clay mask. It is known that clay has the ability to soak up oil without stripping hair and absorbs the drying minerals that tap water leaves behind. It is like a complete detox for your hair. It deposits other conditioning minerals on hair at the same time, and makes curls more voluminous.

If you are interested in creating your own homemade clay hair mask, you will first need either rhassoul-, ghassoul-, or bentonite-clay powder, which you can find online and in health stores. Research on the type of clay you will want to use for your homemade hair mask treatment!

Once you are ready, you will need a blender to puree half a cup of clay powder with eight ounces of water and two tablespoons of jojoba, olive, or argan oil. Note that some articles will say to use apple vinegar, but avoid it as the clay will do enough clarifying.

However, you may substitute water with aloe vera juice. Once you apply it your wet hair, be sure to time it properly. Let it sit for about five minutes or it will be too dry to rinse out – uh oh!

For more information on clay and its other hair benefits, speak with a stylist at Indo Hair.