Let’s talk braids. Not the simple braid we all know – but the gorgeous, elegant braids, the kind that makes your hair look soft and delicate and yet gives off a sense of fierce femininity. We all love braids in the summer, but there haven’t many full hair braid sightings on the runway this season. Indo Hair wants to give you a few styles that you can try this summer and rock all the way into fall. The best part about these styles is that they accommodate every skill level, from beginner to advanced.

Sexy Side Braid – Prep your hair with texturizing spray, pull it over to one side, then braid. The steps are simple. If you suffer from layers on the non-braided side popping out, try twisting the wonky pieces across the nape of your neck first, pinning as you go and then braid.

Crown Braid – A thick crown braid is a summer-hair staple, but it can look severe when pulled too tight. Keep the look soft and sweet by pulling out two face-framing pieces and starting the braid about two inches back from your hairline. The face-framing pieces are also a great cheat if you’re growing out your bangs and don’t want layers popping out of your braid.

Loose Cornrow Bun – This particular style welcomes summer frizz and flyaways. Split your hair into three sections from temple to temple, and inside-out French-braid each section back toward your crown loosely and imperfectly. Once all three sections are braided, pin them in place while you pull the rest of your hair into a low, braided bun. Secure the top braids into the bun with pins and some hair spray. The lumpier, messier, and all-around fuzzier this looks, the better.