A style that has hit the hair scene recently is the fohawk and women everywhere have embraced the trendy look.  A fohawk is a less drastic style because the sides of the head are not completely shaven. Most women wear the sides of the head in small braids or in a gathered and pinned style like twist. Here is the quick process to create this look with a weave.


To wear this style and use weaves, you first need to install down the middle of your hair. To do this process, you need to part the middle base on how wide you want your fohawk.

Next, have your styles braid and install the additional hair that will create the mane of the fohawk.


For a natural look,, go with kinky or tight curl weave. For a more dramatic look, try bone straight.

Finally, take your braid and twist or pin the hair on sides up to your fohawk. This simple process completes the easy on-the-go way to create a fohawk with a weave.


To learn more about the fohawk process, visit Indo Hair and speak to a stylist.