Wigs that are 100% human or natural have many benefits (aside from protection!) for your own hair. They come various styles, lengths and colors, and  can also be worn to express the mood and/or personality of the wearer. For instance, if you’re feeling sassy on Monday, then a pixie wig is great but if come Tuesday you’d rather feel sexy instead, then a bone straight wig in blonde is the way to go. No matter your preference, wigs are perfect to own and utilize. Here are just a few of their benefits.

  • More realistic appearance – Since the hair is human, it is able to appear very realistic and close to your natural hair. You usually will find that lace front natural wigs provide a similar realistic appearance directly from the scalp. It is best to discuss the curl pattern that is close to your real curl pattern with a stylist.IMG_3283
  • Greater durability – Unlike synthetic wigs, natural wigs last a lot longer. Since the natural hair operates the same as the naturally growing hair coming from your scalp, it will last longer when worn continually.  On average, most natural wigs last up to 5 months or more when properly maintained.IMG_3547
  • The same styling and maintenance requirements – Just like your very own hair, a natural wig can be custom-colored to suit, and can tolerate heat from styling appliances. It is best to keep the heat under 400C due to possible damage, but aside from that natural wigs can be tailored towards the individual.


Contact a Indo Hair stylist to discuss the perfect human hair wig for you.