The natural color block look is one that can be done by coloring the top section a primary color and the bottom section a secondary color. Usually, the color is permanent and the process can do some damage when it’s drastically done (such as using colors like blonde and black), but now there’s a cool way to create this style by using a non-permanent process such as a weave. Here are the ways you can make this style your own.

Heavy Top

To create this style, you must install more blonde to the middle and top of the head. This means about 80% of the head should be blonde while only 20% (at the bottom) should be black. This will create the illusion of black trim around your ends.


Equal Middle

This look can be accomplished by doing one of two ways. One method is to color your weave across the middle, the top half blonde and the bottom black, and then install. The second method is to install the top blonde hair and the bottom black, and then have the stylist cut and layer the hair so that the color block has an equal ratio.


Bottom Heavy

This look can be done easily by installing only a little blonde at the top and a lot of black on the bottom. This means there is around 70% black on the bottom and at least 30% blonde on the top. Cutting and layering of the blonde area will have to be done to shorten it around the head.


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