There are many ideas on how to best take care and maintain your extensions. The basics like washing, conditioning, and detangling are well known, but what else can you do after you’ve done all those things? Here are some ideas that will help you keep your glorious weave well-kept.


For the stiff/stringy weave:

If your weave isn’t blowing in the wind the way it use to, you may need to remove buildup. This common issue can be taken care of by washing your weave with sulfate-free shampoo. The next step is to air dry. Be sure to only wash your weave, and not your hair and scalp underneath. After drying, style with no product. This will last at least 3 days with the need of products.

For the dry and brittle weave:

If you’re dealing with weave that is dry and brittle, then it would best to add moisturizer. However, instead of your everyday products, try using traditional oils. Co-wash your hair with a conditioner that has natural oils like moroccan and argon oil. These natural oils are lightweight and will cause little to no buildup. Whenever you need to bring you hair back to life, co-washing is the best way to go.


For the weave with fried and hard ends:

If your hair happens to look cooked at the ends, then you’re dealing with damaged ends due to high heat. When you use high temperatures and heavy products for styling on a daily basis, it can cause serious damage to the hair. Unfortunately, this is not a repairable issue and means that the weave will have to be replaced. It is extremely important that you use little product and not frequently use high heat.

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