It’s summer and that means fun! Colorists all across the country are giving people new hair colors and styles. It is rumored that blonde is back and with some serious impact this season. Women are trying blonde extensions, clip-ins and bright colors. Let’s check out three of the most popular blonde styles to look forward to this summer.



To try this coloring style you should mix natural light browns with natural-caramel highlights. Have your highlights go all the way up to your roots. Make sure it’s blended and not streaky.



To get the golden honey look, stay true to a natural blonde color and maintain that as a base. The trick is to dye a few upper layers of hair while surrounding the face with the lighter golden honey color, which will play off of the bottom layers. Make sure to keep some of your roots visible as well.



This style is a combination of darker natural blonde with creamy brights. Don’t over highlight and oversaturate but instead try seriously natural light pieces from mid-length all the way to the ends.

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