Unfortunately for a lot of women, the struggle to grow out their hair is real. If you spend your days seeking out new ways to boost your hair growth, then this post could change how you look at your hair.

The new trend that is getting results in the natural hair community is called the Greenhouse Effect, and no we aren’t talking about global warming. It first gained popularity through Meeka Jael of Real Queens…and her locks don’t lie.

The Greenhouse Effect, or GHE, simply uses the natural heat from your own body and a plastic cap to open hair follicles and allow for greater growth. The GHE stimulates hair growth, softens hair, adds definition to your curls, and makes dryness a thing of the past.

The Greenhouse Effect is perfect for anyone wanting to grow out their hair and you can continue wearing your usual wigs, weaves, or extensions so it’s perfect!

If you want to try this method you will need:


1) A spray bottle with water- Use the water to lightly mist the hair so that it can “steam” under the plastic cap. You may add glycerin too if you prefer.

2) Oil (optional)- Rosemary and grapeseed oil can enhance growth, lessen friction between the hair strands, and trap moisture.

3) Shower cap- The cap creates the warm environment for growth stimulation.ghe

4) Scarf, cap, or hat- This is used to make sure the plastic cap doesn’t slip off.

Leave the treatment on overnight or during the day for a few hours here and there. You can do this every night, twice a week, or once a month. Do whatever your hair needs.

Keep a journal about your hair growth and be sure to take lots of pictures so that you can see your progress.

The results may shock you!

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