kinkyDo you think you can spot a weave or extensions from a mile away? Well think again.

The newest weaves and extensions are modeled after natural hair, and they look so good you won’t be able to tell the difference. With virgin kinky hair in 3b-4c textures, you can protect your real hair while still looking natural.

If you are trying to do a transition but haven’t cut off the old hair yet, getting a weave or extensions is ideal for you. By having natural extensions you can get an idea of how to take care of longer curly hair while retaining your own hair length. It’s like having training wheels. The best part is you get to practice without screwing up your own real hair.

Even if you are not transitioning, a kinky wig is great for a low maintenance style that looks natural. You treat the wig or extensions like your own hair but don’t need to work as hard to get the same style. With kinky hair extensions you don’t need to twist it every night or moisturize every night, you can just spritz some water onto the hair and it will be perfect.

What’s not to love?!

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Look naturally gorgeous today!