If you are a wig/ weave fanatic like we are then you know that there are certain rules for buying and wearing your new hair pieces. Here are some tips to make sure you save your hair and some money when purchasing a wig or weave.


Take care of your own hair first!

Putting a wig or weave on top of already damaged hair just leads to trouble. If installed incorrectly, combs and clamps can pull at patches of hair and lead to thinning. Make sure your hair is well conditioned. Give your locks a little extra love and make sure you learn how to install your hair correctly if you are doing it yourself. If you have any questions, the hair experts at Indo Hair can answer any questions you may have.

Not all hair is the same.

You pay for what you get. A high quality wig/ weave will be a lifesaver for damaged hair so be wary of any wig or weave whose price is too good to be true. Chances are…it is.  Fortunately the hair experts at Indo Hair only carry the healthiest quality hair so there is no need to guess.

Even the best weaves have to come out eventually. 

Even if the weave is supposed to last three to six months, sometimes your hair needs a break. Listen to your hair. There is no need to fret. You can switch up your style with a wig and give your locks a little bit of time.

Don’t let other people make your hair decisions for you. 

Depending on your lifestyle, wearing a wig or a weave may simply be easier than dealing with the troubles of maintaining natural hair. That is nothing to be ashamed of. Stand by what is easiest for you. No one knows your hair better than you do.

If you are ready to invest in your hair health and beauty, make an appointment with Indo Hair today. Your weave or wig is waiting for you!