Spring is wonderful- the flowers, the colors, the joy! But we will admit it can be overwhelming as well…

What if you don’t want to revamp your makeup arsenal with purples and pinks, or for that matter dye your hair to match?

It’s okay, you are not alone.

Let’s bring the basics back with a nude lip. It’s simple, fresh, and looks good on anyone year round. The best part is, it will match whatever wig or weave your choose to wear. The nude lip is versatile so you can experiment with other things, like your hair.


Nude lips, while gorgeous, can also reveal flaky skin if you aren’t careful. Before trying out a matte nude lip make sure your lips are buffed and primed. Exfoliate your lips with a sugar scrub at least once a week or gently buff them with your toothbrush bristles.


After you exfoliate, apply a lip balm or gloss to add some shine and softness to your lips. Also adding a hint of foundation to your lips can help smooth out thin lines and act as a base for your lip color.

Choose your color

Although nude colors will flatter any skin tone, there are slight variations that you will want to look out for. If you have a lighter skin tone opt for nudes with pinkish undertones. If your skin is on the darker side try darker beige neutrals and caramels.

Enjoy your natural nude lip!

Nothing looks better than a nude lip paired with some natural looking extensions. Make an appointment with Indo Hair to find the weave, partial, or closure that works best with your hair. Indo hair only carries 100% human hair so you will get the best quality. Change up your look for spring!