Hey ladies! This tutorial will show you how to get bigger better buns (without having to do a single squat). By following these steps you can have a big beautiful ballerina bun with lots of volume and texture.bun

1) Secure your hair with two thin ponytail elastics that match your hair.

2) Separate each section in half and create a rope braid by twisting the smaller sections around each other. Secure those with small elastics as well.

3) Loosen the braids with your fingers to give them more volume. If pieces of hair begin falling out of the braid just tuck them back in and spray some hairspray to keep them in place.

4) Take the braid on the right side of your head and lay it in a semicircle going from the right side of your head to the left. Attach some strong bobby pins as you go to keep the braid in place.

5) Tuck the tail in under the bottom of the other braid so that it is hidden.

6) Bring the tail of the next braid counterclockwise allowing it to spiral into the center like a snail shape, pinning as you go along.

7) Customize however you see fit! Grab a mirror and pin or loosen up and pieces that don’t look just perfect.

Enjoy your new ‘do. If you are looking for a bigger adventure for your hair make an appointment with Indo Hair to pick the quality human hair you are looking for.