Part braid. Part updo. All gorgeous! There is no doubt that braids are hot this season. Try out this modern take on a sophisticated chic braided updo.lace

1) Familiarize yourself with the lace braid. It is like a standard braid but you are only gathering hair from one side of the head. This creates a pretty braid near your face with a modern twist. Tip: Braid to the side of the head, not tight against the scalp.

2) Once you have one lace braid on one side create a matching braid on the other side.

3) Take a braid from one side of your head and pin it up horizontally with bobby pins making sure to tuck the tails of the braid into your hair so they don’t show.

4) Repeat with the other braid, partially crossing on top of the first braid.

That’s it! Secure the style with some hair spray so you can show off your style all day.

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