Maybe you just went and took the leap and completely changed your hair color, or just want a better sense of what makeup works for your look. Whatever you are going through picking the right makeup colors for your skin tone and hair color can make or break you.

Here are some tips to enhance your natural beauty.

If you have: brown

Dark Brown Hair: If your hair has hints of chocolate or espresso you can pull off vibrant makeup in jewel tones. Plums, burgundy, reds, and metallic will all look great!

Black Hair: Play up the mysterious, sexy vibe of black hair by focusing on one feature. Try highlighting your eyes with smoky shades of navy and charcoal while keeping lips and cheeks subtle.

Blonde Hair: Whether your locks are a warm honey shade or cool ash tone, blondes look great in sheer tones. Colors can range from peach, pink, gold, and champagne but keep them light so as to not overpower.

Red Hair: Red hair naturally adds warmth to your complexion. Makeup colors with a hint of brown or apricot can enhance your natural features.

Medium Brown Hair: Since your hair is neither too dark nor too light you have a wide range of options from earthy neutral colors to different hues of coral, berry, and pink.

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