Face shapes are helpful in determining your hairstyle. The right cut can shorten a long face, make a round face appear slimmer, or diminish the prominence of a wide forehead!


If you have a round face, remember to keep your hair flat on the sides. Also, short hair cuts can sometimes make a round face appear rounder, so avoid short bob or curly styles.

If you have a long face, create symmetry with a short bob. Long bangs and wavy hair are flattering for long face shapes. Lastly, if you have a long face shape, reconsider a side part, rather than a center part to create balance.

Heart-shaped faces have a wide forehead; therefore, you might want to reconsider short hairstyles and tight ponytails. Side swept bangs look great with heart-shaped face shapes.

Oval face shapes are like wild cards: they get to choose whatever hairstyle they wish. Short, long, wavy, straight, bangs, bald! Do whatever you want, you’ll look fabulous.

Square face shapes are blessed with a gorgeous, angular jaw. Some of the most beautiful women in the world have square faces, and they understand how to style their hair. Soften that strong jaw with face framing layers, wispy bangs, and fluffy curls.