Properly blow-drying your hair is an essential skill for polished hair; however, so few of us know how to truly do it! We’re here to help. We understand that your extensions are an investment, and we want you to get the most of your hairstyle. Learn how to properly blow-dry your gorgeous extensions in this tutorial.

How To Blow-Dry Your Hair


Step 1. Ensure that your hair is thoroughly clean after washing and conditioning your hair with a sulfate-free product. After stepping out of the shower, carefully wrap your extensions with a towel. Be very careful not to pull at the edges or roots, and potentially damage your hairline.

Step 2. Apply a heat protecting serum to your slightly damp extensions and roots. Thoroughly blow-dry your foundation on a low, warm setting. This essential step will ensure that bacteria does not proliferate under your extensions.

Step 3. Twist your extensions into four or five sections, and blow-dry on a medium setting with a diffuser. If you choose to use a comb or brush, ensure that your styling tool is suitable for extensions. Otherwise, you will risk damaging your extensions.

Step 4. Keep your hair in sections until your hair is completely dry; however, we don’t recommend sleeping with damp hair. Once your hair is completely dry, gently unravel your twists to reveal gorgeous extensions.