We have a few secrets to share, and they’re in our hair! Updos are as lovely as they are mysterious. An up-do can tell a provocative story, and we’re here to spill the beans. Here are some secrets that will make your up-do look incredible.


Secret One

To achieve an up-do, you don’t always need clean hair. In fact, up-dos work well on unwashed hair! If you have not been able to wash your hair for a while, consider putting your hair into an adorable up-do. It’s a great way to look elegant and polished when you’re pressed for time.

Secret Two

There are different ways to create an up-do, but what is needed is the volume that can be achieve by teasing, curling, or hot roller setting the hair. Use a volumizer!

Secret Three

Twists, braids, or French braids look beautiful in an updo. Use texturizing cream for texturizing and smoothing the hair. Comfortably use hairpins to keep your up-dos in place.