Going away on a trip is incredibly exciting. Work doesn’t exist for the next few days as far as you’re concerned, and every other responsibility fades away. Traveling can be stressful though, especially when deciding what to pack. When getting your stuff together, don’t forget to bring products that will help you maintain your weave. You may be on vacation, but your weave isn’t, and it needs to be taken care of during that time off. If you start slacking, things could get bad pretty quickly. Nobody wants to look terrible on vacation, not with all that picture-taking!

Here are some essential items you should take with you the next time you want to skip town, so you can keep your weave fresh and fabulous.

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Leave-in Conditioner

Be sure to bring your favorite leave-in conditioner with you, or get a travel-size bottle. Your weave is going to need some help a few days into your trip, so bring some along to rehydrate your strands. Indo Hair sells conditioners that are perfect for the high-quality hair they sell, so the next time you come in for some new hair, be sure to pick up a bottle as well!

Head Scarf

You use one at home, so you’re going to need one when traveling. Stash one in your suitcase and one in your purse, just in case one of them goes MIA. The scarf will lock in moisture and preserve your weave and natural hair after you use conditioner.

The Right Shampoo

Don’t just grab any travel-size shampoo at the drugstore to take with you. Avoid shampoos with sulfate in them, as they strip away moisture and leave your weave brittle, shortening its lifespan.

When in doubt, ask the sales associates at Indo Hair what products you should be investing in to take care of your weave. It’s likely that many of them will be available for purchase at Indo!


Image Courtesy of Wealthy Hair