Find yourself struggling in the morning to get ready? In-between figuring out what to wear, putting on makeup, and trying to get out the door to make it to work or school, it can be hard to spend time on your hair. Here are some hairstyles that every girl can master. They’re stylish, trendy, and can be done in mere minutes. All you need is a brush, some bobby pins, and hairspray. You’ll never struggle with your hair in the morning again!

Must-Know Hairstyle: The curly ponytail
Update the average pony by curling some strands and the ends. It’ll add bounce and volume to your hair. Use a cute hair accessory, like a bow or jeweled clip, to add some extra style.

Photo Courtesy of ivivefashion

Must-Know Hairstyle: Messy updo
A messy bun is as easy as it gets! Don’t worry about strands falling out during the day. The messier this look gets, the better.

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Must-Know Hairstyle: Crown Braids
All it takes is one simple braid to take your hair from basic to chic.

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