Summer may have been the season for short, cute hair but fall is all about having a dramatic look, and that includes dramatic length! Big, beautiful hair is totally in, and so is ridiculously long, gorgeous hair. Now, practically speaking, it’s damn near impossible for many of us to grow our hair that long- who the heck has the patience for that anyway? Excuse me, let me schedule the next two to three years of my life to grow my hair out. No thank you!

Image Courtesy of Fickr

The instant solution to getting a luxurious curtain of hair is a weave. But before you even do that, you need to get your hands on some pretty fabulous hair in order to pull of this particular look. Longer hair means needing the highest quality you can find. Bad hair will look extra stringy, and all that shedding? Not fun. Indo Hair in Inglewood has the finest human hair in every shade and texture you can find. All hair is pure human hair from India. When you show up for your appointment, their awesome sales associates will help you determine the kind of hair you need and what length to get so you can have long, gorgeous hair the way you want to have it.

Once you get your hair from Indo, all we have to say is- watch out, Rapunzel. Watch out.

Photo Courtesy of hairstalk