There’s about a month left of summer, which means there is plenty of time to still accessorize your hair for warm weather. You don’t need anything complicated or crazy in order to pull off a great look. A simple yet eye-catching hair accessory gets you on the fast-track to having pretty summer hair. We’ve picked the top 5 must-wear summer hair accessories that are on point in terms of trendiness, style, actual wearability, and overall fabulousness.


Accessory #1- Black Ribbon Headband. Simple and yet oh-so elegant.

Photo Courtesy of Getty Images

Accessory #2- Flower Headpiece. The bigger the flower, the better!

Photo Courtesy of Flickr

Accessory #3- Printed Headscarf. A bright, pretty pattern makes this simple style look chic.

Photo Courtesy of Flickr- Keiko Lee

Accessory #4- Floral Headband. A sparkly floral head band is super feminine and trendy.

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Accessory #5- Bows. Giant or small, bows add a bit of whimsical fun to any updo, especially when you get creative with the placement.

Image Courtesy of Etsy- Forget Me Not

Now that you have some style ideas to try out until the end of September, you’re going to need some great hair to go with all of those great hair accessories! Make an appointment with Indo Hair to get the hair you want in any color and texture imaginable. It’s time to get fabulous!