It may sound like common sense that you can’t just get a weave and then expect it to take care of itself. However, if this is your first experience with a weave, you may not know what kinds of products you need to maintain your luscious new locks. We made a list of the most important hair products to keep on hand at all times now that you have new, fabulous hair. You won’t need to do much work if you got your hair at Indo. Their pure human hair sourced from India and is of the finest quality. It won’t need much maintenance, but you still need to show it some love if you want it to last a long time. Use these products before, during, and after you get that hair attached. No matted hair and visible tracks for you!
Product #1- Deep Conditioner- Make sure you deep condition your natural hair before you get your weave attached. The healthier the strands are beforehand, the better.
Product #2- Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner- You’ve got the best hair from Indo, which means you don’t need to overload it with products. A simple moisturizing shampoo and conditioner will keep your strands healthy without weighing them down.
Product #3- Hair Serum- You need to keep those edges healthy too! Use a hair serum to keep your fragile edges in good shape if you’re noticing some problems.
Product #4- Anti-bacterial spray- Just mist your new strands daily with an anti-bacterial spray if you’ve got a weave that takes a while to dry. It’ll kill the bacteria and keeps the hair fresh. Don’t be that girl with a musty-smelling weave.