Extensions are perfect for those who just want to add on some length or pump up the volume of their hair without completely changing the color or texture. Besides, spending just a couple of hours getting them attached is way better than sitting down for a full weave, that’s for sure.
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The search for really good extensions can be a difficult one, though. In many stores, extensions somehow don’t come in the same quality as the full bundles of hair or closures. Many a time you can walk into a hair retailer and only find extensions that look, well, cheap. And cheap extensions look about as good as a cheap weave does. You don’t want to drop your hard-earned money on extensions that shed or slip out of your natural hair easily. 
For the best human hair extensions, make an appointment at Indo Hair. You can browse their entire range of extensions that come in all textures and hair colors. Getting Rapunzel-esque length or dramatic volume that defies gravity has never been easier or more worth your money.
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Because the hair is so good here, they will last you a few months if you take care of them. Stock up on silicone-free hair care products; silicone makes your extensions slip from your real hair easier. And Remember to come back to Indo Hair to get new ones once it’s time to change them out. You don’t want to go too long showing the world where they attach to your hair. Not classy.