Wavy hair looks like curly and straight hair got together and made a beautiful texture that’s somewhere in-between. It has the texture and volume of curly or kinky hair, but yet remains more manageable and almost sleek like straight hair. They’re also the quintessential summer hair trend. Nothing says beach and sunshine like a head full of big, beautiful waves. Whether you’re looking to enhance you’re already wavy hair with a partial weave or extensions, or you want to redo your whole look with a full weave, Indo Hair should be your first stop.
Indo carries pure human wavy hair in all kinds of colors, even non-traditional ones. Just look at all those gorgeous waves…
Photo Credit: Creative Confusion
If you’re really looking to change up your look and try out a new hair trend, wavy hair and ombre are a match made in hair heaven. And guess what- you can get that at Indo Hair too! They carry pre-dyed ombre hair for weaves and extensions. Whether your interested in the classic ombre combo, where brown fades into blonde, or really anything else you’re brilliant mind can think of, you can get it at Indo. If you’re not seeing a color combo you’d like to try in stock, just talk to one of the owners, Lucky or Vince. They’ll be more than happy to discuss what it is you’re looking for and if a custom order can be done.
Image Courtesy of Flickr- Andrea Tobar
We only have about a month left of summer, so if long, wavy are something you’re thinking of trying, now is the time to do it.
Photo Courtesy of Flickr