Usually it’s more fun to look at all the fashion and hair disasters that befall celebrities than to constantly look at picture-perfect images. It’s nice to be reminded that yes, they are humans too, and at the end of a hard day, at least you can say “I didn’t walk outside looking like that!”
Celebrities have been on their game though this summer when it comes to rocking new hair trends and styles. We rounded up the top 5 celebrity do’s of the summer, no hot messes allowed. Perhaps they’ll serve as hair-spiration when you’re ready to try out and a new look and get your hair at Indo. Take a picture with you (you can print one of these out- see how easy we made it for you?) to your appointment. It will help the sales associates and the owners pinpoint exactly what kind of hair (length, color, texture) you need to get your desired look. Now go get fabulous.
Celeb Hairstyle #1- Chrissy Teigen
Photo Courtesy of Getty
Celeb Hairstyle #2- Jennifer Lopez
jennifer lopez celebrity hair styles
Celeb Hairstyle #3- Naomi Harris
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Celeb Hairstyle #4- Jessica Alba
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Celeb Hairstyle #5- Rashida Jones
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