One thing that really makes Indo Hair a place their customers like to come back to frequently for their hair needs is that they are always introducing new products. They know that by offering a variety of options and rotating stock, they will keep their customers happy. If you don’t like what they’re currently carrying in terms of hair, extensions, or closures, you can always come back in a month or two and find something new to try out.

Photo Credit: Creative Confusion

Just this month, Indo Hair started carrying a new line of silk front closures, and the word is that they are some of the best closures they’ve had in stock yet. Indo is known for carrying the finest closures in Inglewood. They recognize that closures are incredibly important when it comes to finishing off a great weave. A good closure will cover up those unsightly tracts and extensions, and minimize damage to your own hair. In truth, you can’t have a great weave without a great closure. It’s not worth the initial pain and hours of sitting if the hair doesn’t look like it’s growing straight out of your scalp.

Photo Credit: Creative Confusion

The new Indian human hair closures at Indo are silk top, featuring French lace. Silk top closures tend to be the most natural looking and give the appearance of a realistic part. French lace makes for an easier application. They are also carrying silk top partials, in case you’re not interested in getting a full weave.

You heard it here first, ladies- this new stock of fabulous closures isn’t being announced anywhere else. In general, once word starts to spread they there are new hair products at Indo, they don’t last for much longer. Stylists also start to swarm the place when they hear the news, and they like to buy multiple pieces for their clients. Take advantage of this knowledge by making an appointment at Indo Hair today and getting first dibs.

Photo Courtesy of Flickr- Amber Renee