Ebony hair comes in a variety of alluring shades, from dark as midnight, black that almost glows blue in the sun, to softer hues that almost look dark brown. Some may lament their dark locks, disliking that those pesky grey hairs show easier, and if you want to change the color to almost anything else, you’ll have to bleach it first. Weaves make the latter a little bit easier to deal with, since you can get a closure to cover up your darker roots. But honestly, why change it? Don’t cover it up with chemicals and other hair- flaunt your gorgeously dark hair!

The next time you’re in need of new hair, try to not head straight towards other colors, and instead consider sticking with your natural shade. Indo Hair carries great human ebony hair from India. Black tends to be the most popular hair color they carry, so you’re guaranteed to find a plethora of dark hair in a multitude of textures.

Their bundles of dark hair also have a few greys mixed in so it looks authentic, like it grew straight out of your scalp. Now, you may not like that part, but everyone with dark, black hair has greys. To have jet black hair with absolutely no grey does not look natural. Look at it this way: you earned every one of those grey hairs, even those in your weave.

Don’t hide that gorgeously dark hair of yours the next time you want to change up your look. Take a break from the blondes and lighter browns or whatever else you always make a grab for. Make an appointment with Indo and get the finest hair in your natural shade.