Ladies. Let’s be honest. How many 3-day courses for hair extensions training do you see? How many self-proclaimed “experts” claim that they can teach you EVERYTHING that you need to know about applying hair extensions? Too much is the answer to that question.

A qualified hairdresser and hair extensionist will know how to apply hair extensions carefully without causing any damage to the hair or scalp.

Sometimes the extensions pull on their scalp and cause itching and in some extreme cases a bleeding scalp.

Over here there are many companies advertising training courses in different types of hair extensions over a 3-day course.

They are not even qualified hairdressers.

Your can seriously damage your precious hair after a very short time if the bonding and the person has little to no real experience. So make sure that when you get yourself some premium quality 100% Natural Indian Human Hair products from Indo Hair

Do your research and if it sounds too good to be true…. Do your research


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