cheap hair extensions
Beware from cheap hair extensions!

Right now there are many people who advertise quoting cheap prices for hair extensions, stating the hair is of top quality. And that the hair is real hair. Russian virgin hair maybe mentioned or cuticle Remy hair may also be mentioned.

Many bargain websites have regular offers that can be VERY VERY TEMPTING.

you get what you pay for

Well, as they say, you get what you pay for and if someone can do a whole head of Hair Extensions for under $300 the quality of the hair and bonding WILL NOT be great. It won’t even be OK.

silicone and softeners are added......

The hair may feel soft and silky to touch. However, silicone and softeners are added to these and after a short while of washing this hair the nightmare begins.

Dry, tangled, limp and gets knotted minutes after brushing. This is not what you want to spend your money on. Take the smart choice and settle for nothing but the best of Indo Hair. We don’t mess with low-quality goods. Only the best 100% natural virgin Indian Human Hair can be found at Indo Hair.

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