There are a lot of oils on the market but not many have earned the title of “super oil”. Coconut oil is not only a “superfood” but also a “super oil”. It does wonders for your hair, skin, nails and body. Take a long at look some of the amazing benefits of this “super oil”.

Cococnut oil will fight off dandruff! The oil’s medium-chain fatty acids include lauric acid and capric acid, and have strong antiviral, antimicrobial and antifungal properties that target fungus and help kill it as well as viruses and bacteria that may be lurking on your scalp.


It’s a great conditioner! Coconut oil helps to prevent damage from combing and brushing, and it is safe to use on children. It can be used as a leave-in conditioner, or used as an intensive conditioner for a couple of hours, or even overnight.

Coconut oil also promotes hair growth. It can actually help grow hair, longer and thicker. The essential nutrients, including the lauric acid, penetrate the hair shaft, improving the overall health of the hair.


Lastly, coconut oil helps deal with lice prevention and treatment. It has the power to not only treat lice, but also prevent lice from occurring again. In fact, in a controlled study, using coconut oil based spray was found to be 82% successful in preventing hair lice than without.

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