Fiery red is back this season with a new twist. Be as vibrant as a phoenix and as sexy as goddess with this summer’s stunning color, little mermaid red.


Be a bold beauty maven with this sexy, sultry color style. It was recently done by Rihanna and depending on natural hair color, the red will take in its own unique way. To get this look, it will take serious bright red dye. Those who have darker hair may have to strip their hair first to achieve the ultimate look.


This color is titled the Little Mermaid because of the high intensity of color it possesses. Try this color as a single permanent dye or with a deep auburn ombre to really show its multi-range on range your hair.

Red hair can be an extremely exciting choice for those who want to add some color into their ‘do, but can’t commit to other wacky colors like blue or purple. If you can carefully color match the perfect shade of red to your complexion, you will find that almost anybody can rock red tresses!


If you’re interested in trying this summer’s vivacious trend, visit an Indo Hair stylist to see how they can find the perfect red to complement you!