Even thought it does not feel like it, wearing weave is a huge responsible for the owner. Weave and weave maintenance can be time consuming and expensive. Here are four great tips you should always remember about rocking weaves and incorporating it into your lifestyle.


Your hair should always come first…then weave
If you’re lazy with maintaining your natural hair there’s a good chance it will suffer when you have a weave installed. Do your best to not be lazy. Braid or cut out a perm, if need be, first. Otherwise, you’re likely to cause irreversible damage and it may take a long time to grow back your hair to the same length.

Follow Your Gut and Choose Wisely
It never hurts to research before you decide on extensions or any other type of additional hair. Every woman has a different head of hair and what a friend is wearing may not be the best extensions for you. We suggest talking to one of our trained stylist to help you find the perfect kind of weave right for you.



Give Your Hair a Break
Every healthy head of hair needs a break now and again. If you’ve been wearing extensions for over a year or more, it’s best you take out your weave/wig every once in a while and allow your hair underneath to be healthy and breathe. Try styles that will require little to no heat and combing.

Take Care of Your Hair Edges
When it comes to wearing weaves, your most sensitive areas are your edges. Keep close tabs on them by applying a leave-in conditioner on them regularly and be careful not to over straighten or put extra stress on that area of hair. It is hard to believe but braiding your extensions near your edges can put extra stress on them, so switch up your hairstyles regularly.


For more best practices with weave speak to an Indo Hair stylist today!