Most women decide to only purchase new hair when they think they need it. It is very common to only buy a month or two before scheduling a hair appointment. Many stylists will even convince their clients to buy hair from them at their appointment. While these methods can be useful, they tend to become very expensive. Buying in bulk can save you both time and money, which is what matters the most. Here are reasons why buying in bulk can be so effective.

You have multiple options at your fingertips. Think of it like buying at Costco. It may be expensive at the time, but it saves you money in the long-term. A normal bundle is about 0.3 to 0.5 ounces depending on the retailers. Indo Hair wholesale comes standard 529 ounces. This means you get a lot more up front than having to pay for new extensions each time.


No more having to wait for your order. Most times when you order online, your shipping could take weeks. When you order in bulk, you can order weeks in advance and it all will come on time. No need to reschedule appointments until your extensions arrive.


Have your favorite brand on hand. The hardest part of purchasing hair is trying numerous brands and retailers. Finding your perfect brand is like finding a new lover, you may end up searching for years. With wholesale or bulk you are guaranteed your favorite brand.


Talk to Indo Hair stylist about the benefits of wholesale orders and Indo Hair’s Christmas promotion sale.