With so many new color styles out there like mermaid, gray and two-tone it makes you wonder if every color idea has already been created. There are just so many to chose from for the summer, but one trend seems to have faded from the spotlight without a word. Ombre was a huge color trend that took the world by storm during the fall of last year. Colorist were being asked to do it in thousands of salons across the country. So did the ombre trend die on us, or is it still cool to rock today?

To answer these questions, take a look at these killer ombre styles happening this right now.

Reverse Ombre


A wicked style to try is the reverse ombre. This season, go from light to dark. The trick is in layering and choosing at least three colors that seem to flow into one another to create a seriously dramatic effect.

Colorful Ombre


You won’t have the basic ombre look when you use a impactful color to ombre on your ends. This look for is those who want to stand out without coloring the full head. Rich greens, blues and purples really show this style off well.

The Phoenix Ombre


A popular ombre to do is a combination of blonde, orange, and blood orange. It involves heavy coloring, but the results are out of this world. It’s a look that takes the ombre trend to another level. This particular style is not for the shy.

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