Who doesn’t love the iconic New Waves French actress Bridgette Bardot?  The ultimate French style icon, Bardot continues to inspire women around the world with her once long, beach waves piled on top of her head with maximum volume. If you want the look, we have a few tips.


First, create volume on the crown of your head. Creating volume at the crown gives you all the lift, bounce, and body you need for a gorgeous Bridgette Bardot look. Whether your extensions are long, short, or somewhere in between, a little lift provides an alluring pick-me-up.

Next backcomb your hair with a volumizing curling iron to stretch the roots.

Using a medium curling iron, curl small sections around your face in a backwards motion. Once the curls have cooled, gently brush out your curls to create bouncy waves. Wear your hair half-up/half-down, and tease the base of your ponytail.

Add a headband to create the ultimate Bridgette Bardot look.